Ripple CLO Calls For Investigation Of Former SEC Official

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple Labs’s Chief Legal Officer, took to Twitter to voice concerns over potential conflicts of interest involving former SEC official, Bill Hinman.

Alderoty tweeted, “Crypto critic/x-SEC official John Reed Stark says there should be an investigation into Bill Hinman. This is broader than Ripple – there could potentially be serious conflicts of interest by a gov official. An investigation will either put it to rest or hold folks accountable.”

The statement by Alderoty came in response to John Reed Stark, who pointed to the various reports of Bill Hinman’s conflicts of interest. According to former SEC official Stark, there should be an FBI investigation. If misconduct by Hinman comes to light, the U.S. Department of Justice should take action.

Ripple Vs. SEC: The Hinman Speech Controversy

In 2018, William Hinman, then the Director of Corporation Finance at the SEC, delivered a speech that has since become a focal point of contention, especially in the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple. In mid-June Ripple and Alderoty released the emails and drafts of the speech to the public, revealing that Hinman “ignored multiple warnings that his speech contained made-up analysis with no basis in law” and was “divorced from the Howey factors.”

Despite Hinman’s claims that the speech was his personal view, Alderoty pointed out inconsistencies, stating, “Although Hinman claimed that the speech was his personal view, he and the SEC touted it as guidance.” This inconsistency is further underscored by the fact that the speech remains on the SEC’s website despite its controversial nature.

As Bitcoinist reported a few days, Empower Oversight, a watchdog group, is also trying to bring light to the deeper connections between Ethereum co-founders Joseph Lubin, his company Consensys, Vitalik Buterin and Hinman. Their recent release of documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has intensified the scrutiny on Hinman’s 2018 speech.

The documents reveal that “Joseph Lubin and his company, Consensys, played a much more central role than previously known in driving then-SEC Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman’s thinking and goals with his controversial June 14, 2018, cryptocurrency speech.” This revelation is particularly significant given the SEC’s subsequent stance on cryptocurrencies like XRP, which they’ve deemed as unregistered securities.

A Call for Accountability

Building on the revelations, Alderoty emphasized the need for accountability and transparency. He states, “An investigation must be conducted to understand what or who influenced Hinman, why conflicts (or, at the very least, appearances of conflicts) were ignored, and why the SEC touted the speech knowing that it would create ‘greater confusion.’”

Furthermore, the involvement of Ethereum’s key players in influencing Hinman’s speech raises questions about the impartiality of the SEC’s decisions. The documents highlight meetings between Hinman and individuals with potential conflicts of interest, further underscoring the need for a thorough investigation.

Remarkably, the unfolding events surrounding Hinman’s 2018 speech and the subsequent revelations have added another layer of complexity to the narrative of crypto regulation. With calls for investigations and greater transparency, the US based crypto industry awaits clarity and hopes for a regulatory framework that is both fair and informed.

At press time, the XRP price had corrected as low as $0.5970, but rebounded to $0.6241.

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